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Sofie is a 5-year-old girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer. In this game, she uses her medication and chemo to battle against the cancer cells. It transforms her into a true superhero.
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Info about the game

Sofie is a true superhero. She treats the cancer cells with chemo and throws them up in the air. When at least 3 cells of the same color touch, they fall down. The game ends when enough patches stick to the top of the bone.


The doctors or the parents of Sofie can reward her with medication points whenever she needs to take her meds. These meds give her super powers!

Super powers

Sofie can throw joker cells and chemo balls to defeat the cancer cells quicker.

Clean up the cells

Sofie needs to clean up all cancer cells at the top of the screen. When she succeeds, she collects patches that heal the bone.

Rescue the little bone

In this game mode, Sofie needs to rescue a little bone that is stuck between cancer cells.

Background information

Scientific research shows that specially designed games can improve the treatment compliance with cancer patients, resulting in a positive effect on the remission of their illness.

You can find more information about this subject in this movie or on this website.

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This game is primarily designed for Sofie, so that she can become a true superhero. Other people are of course invited to join Sofie in her quest by installing the game.


These screenshots provide an overview of the game. More screenshots and promo material can be downloaded here.

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